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Best of 2010

We are thrilled that our album "Angeline" has made the "best of 2010" lists on many blogs and websites.

One of our fave music sites is M is for Music based out of the UK ... and we came in #40 in the top 100 for the year.

New Video for "Angeline"


In very exciting news, our song "Let it Go" from our album "Angeline" will be played tonight (October 26th) on the new

hit MTV show "World of Jenks". Tune in at 10pm EST tonight to hear "Let it Go".   You can also watch the show

on-demand and online at


Thanks to all who came down to the last Rockwood Music Hall gig for 2010.

We packed out the room to capacity and it was a great sight to see all your faces as we rocked out on stage.

Stay tuned for upcoming news for the band, including a video for "Angeline" and a live EP from the Rockwood show. 

Hot Off the Press

Check out a great new review of Angeline from the great UK music blog M is for Music.

4.5 out of 5 stars!!!

And check out some more of the latest postings and reviews about the band and Angeline in the
Press section.

New Album

We have been really excited about the response

to our new album "Angeline". 

The album is now available for digital download.

Click on the link here to buy from iTunes

Second Dan